Post #24: Process – Unwrap

I think I’m beginning to discover my best process. First of all, I need a black pen. It needs to produce crisp ink, and flow smoothly. I need a blank piece of paper, and I need to have some design element in mind, ready to execute so I can showcase my idea fully. And honestly, it also helps when I talk out loud. I’m not talking out loud for this post since my girlfriend is asleep in the room next to me, but I know this is a tool I need to utilize more. I don’t care if I sound crazy, I love thinking out loud.

For this post though, I did my thinking on paper, and that is helping a lot, in addition to forming plans in my head. Here’s my paper thoughts:


I originally had the idea for guerrilla burritos while making my list of 90 ideas. After I finished AMC’s Mad Men, I watched their modern day show about advertising – The Pitch. That show inspired me a lot and gave me tons of seedlings for ideas, one of which is the concept of guerilla marketing. 

Guerilla marketing is the use of unconventional methods of advertising a brand or product that will somehow interactively impact the viewer.

On The Pitch, one of the ad agencies came up with the idea of having a sticker of a mustache cling onto mirrors in women’s’ bathrooms, to draw attention to an upper lip hair removal product. I thought this was a really fun way of talking about something that is often shied away from, laughed about, not taken seriously, or taken way too seriously.

My idea for Chipotle’s guerilla marketing campaign was to create giant, aluminum covered “fact burritos.” These giant burrito look alikes would come alive with fact when unwrapped, actually saying things out loud, and would be filled with pieces of (recycled!) paper and plastic that had Chipotle facts printed out on them.

The wrapped up version would look like this:


And the chips that came out would look something like:


This would force people’s attention into interacting, and teach them a lesson about Chipotle’s integrity in the process. I would be totally encaptured if I saw something like this out in the street. It would be so cool to construct an interactive advertisement – that’s definitely a dream of mine.

Check out the music I listened to while writing this post:

Come a Little Closer – Cage The Elephant

Veridis Quo – Daft Punk

All Under One Roof Raving – Jamie xx

With Me – Cashmere Cat

Bloom – ODESZA – Lane 8 remix (I am beyond excited to see ODESZA in less than a month!)

Detroit – Disasterpiece (from the It Follows soundtrack. I loved that movie, and this soundtrack totally made the film)

Earth Versus The World – The Polish Ambassador

I Can Feel a Hot One – Manchester Orchestra (throwback to the emo days)

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